Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Burping Face Dancer

This is hilarious! It was so funny when the other gal burp. Don't do face dance when your stomach is

Face Dance Duo

There faces are so funny. Crazy!!lol

Face Dance Addict

He is intense... I wonder if his jaw bones did not hurt. We have to much facial exercise going on men!lol

Daddy Curtis do the Face Dance

Fun and cool daddy of Jasmine and Anne Curtis doing the face dance.

Jasmine Face Dance

Pretty Sister of Anne Curtis doing the face dance.

Dimples Romana Face dance in showtime

Dimples was watching the show and she was requested to do face dance besides singing.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jogs slapped by Madlang People - Face Dance

     Showtime is the one of the best variety show in the Philippines. In this video, Jogs is doing the face dance after being slap by one of the Madlang People, doing her sample. lol

Jasmine Curtis and Daddy Curtis Face Dance in Showtime

 Face dance in showtime, with Jasmine Curtis and her daddy. Jasmine still looks pretty even though she is making funny faces.Daddy Curtis is so cool and so funny, doing the face dance.

White Guy Face Dancing

                  This guy is crazy.The way He move his eyebrows, nose and mouth together is

Funny Face Dance

Crazy! Don't know how he do this. So unbelievable and very funny.

Face Dance

White Guy Doing Face Dance

Vhong Navarro Face Dance - Showtime

This is so funny Vhong Navarro doing face dance.Better check this out.

Rico the Magician Face Dance - Showtime

Vice Ganda - Face Dance Showtime

One of the funniest comedian in Philippine showbiz . Vice Ganda doing face dance. She looks scared and crying in this

Anne Curtis - Face Dance ( showtime)

One of the beautiful faces in Philippine showbiz Ms. Anne Curtis doing the face dance.  All for the viewers and Madlang people. Anne still look pretty no matter what she do to her face.

Face Dance - Anne Curtis ( showtime)

Face Dance - Billy Crowford (Showtime)

This is one of the reason why I love showtime, they always finds a way to make viewers happy. Check this funny video of Billy Crowford doing face dance.